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5 Things We Are Buzzing About This Month

Posted by Jennifer Jenkins on Feb 5, 2016 12:47:28 PM

January came in like a lion and we’ve hardly come up for air (in a good way). But make no bones about it, no matter how busy our team gets we always make time to chat about the good stuff – the best books, TV shows, recipes, stores, and yes, new work. So here’s what we’re Buzzing About this month:

Making a Murderer

Not one but several of us binge-watched this Netflix documentary and we are about to pop waiting for the rest of the agency to hurry up and finish watching.


A 10-part series, "Making a Murderer" is a troubling tale about the case of Wisconsin resident Steven Avery and nephew Brendan Dassey that had us glued to our seats and casting great concern over the legal system. Avery, who first made national news in 2003 after being released from prison following being wrongfully accused of a brutal rape, is now accused along with his nephew of killing young photographer Teresa Halbach who came to take photos of a van at his family’s salvage yard. 

Now, we’re just PR and marketing folks and not crime scene investigators, but there’s more holes in the prosecution’s case than Krispy Kreme has in all its donuts.

On a different note, with all of the social media attention this phenomenon is drawing, they’d be wise to engage their audiences with a few of our social media marketing tips. Read more here


King Cakes

Speaking of sweets, the JJPR team loves Mardi Gras and maybe mostly for the King Cakes.


We’ve had our King Cake fix from Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, MS and Randazzo’s in New Orleans, LA, and most recently from Party Palace King Cakes out of Kenner, LA bought fresh from Allegri Farm Market right down the street.


Delicious (and Healthy) Recipes

Enough talk about sweets, we really do try to eat healthy in our office – some because gluten hates us and others just because it tastes good and makes us feel good. nonie.jpg

A few of us have been inspired by our friend Nonie Taul and her success with Naturally Strong with Nonie where she provides exercise and eating plans. We’ve been obsessed talking about the yummy recipes, our aching bodies (oh, those planks) and more than that, the results – we have not only trimmed down, we feel great. If you need some motivation, check out Nonie – she is awesome!



A Great Read


Our team loves a great read, so when we find one, we share. This month, we’ve been talking about my latest read, The Heart Led Leader, by Tommy Spaulding. The notion that the journey to heart-led leadership covers only 18 inches but lasts a lifetime is a concept our team truly believes in. The 18 inches, by the way, is roughly the distance from each person’s head to their heart. The writer uses heartfelt, tearjerker stories that focus on the fact that “who you are” matters more than what you do and that the power of leading from the heart is the reason behind the success of some of the most formative leaders he has encountered. 

This book is a must read for anyone who leads in any form.




Cool New Work

Last but definitely not least, we have been busting at the seams to reveal our latest branding work for a cool new project in Mobile, the Innovation PortAL. A team of young entrepreneurs backed by the Mobile Area Chamber is creating this new small business incubator and accelerator that will encourage the successful development of entrepreneurial businesses on the Gulf Coast. 


The Innovation PortAL will renovate a building on St. Louis Street to create state-of-the-art office space designed to promote a collaborative environment. In addition to substantial business support, networking and training programs, tenant clients will be offered leases at below-market rent. Tenant clients are expected to remain in the incubator/accelerator for approximately three years, or until their businesses are mature enough to “graduate” from the program.

We’re pumped about the Innovation PortAL and are honored to have the opportunity to work on the business plan, branding and a microsite for this visionary group.

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Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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