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5 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Posted by Kelsey Davis on Jan 6, 2016 1:19:25 PM

Social media is a huge part of marketing for almost every industry under the sun these days. With people of all demographics using social media to get their news, shop and share interests with friends, the highly competitive platforms can have a huge impact on your audience without you ever leaving your desk. social media marketing


But, before you embark on your social media marketing adventure, what rules do you need to keep in mind? Here are a few social media tips to help:


1.) Research, research, research

Knowing your topic is crucial. Make sure you fact check every detail in your social media content and always use credible, reliable resources that deliver current information. Keyword phrases are useful when composing messages based around the topics your audiences are interested in and searching for. 


2.) Know your audience

Being aware of who you are talking to is just as important as knowing your topic - maybe even more important. Use insights and analytics reports to build “personas” for your typical listeners based on their demographics and interests. This will help you to accurately define your voice and craft the most effective messages.


3.) Timing is everything

Using analytics reports to see when your users are online and when they’re most responsive can help you be more effective in your social media outreach. Many platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance, or use a third-party app (like HootSuite or Buffer) to schedule content for multiple platforms.


4.) Different strokes for different folks 

Once you’ve established the demographics of your audience, you can determine which social media outlets will be the most effective to get your message to them. For instance, Twitter is the more popular outlet for men, whereas women make up the majority of users on Facebook. 


5.) Interact with your fans

No one likes to talk and not be heard, and that includes your social media followers. Prepare a few standard responses to commonly asked questions, and designate a social media manager from your team that will receive alerts and promptly take action to best serve your social media goals.


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